About Amplify

Your Co-Captains for the Winds of Change

Our mission is to help companies effectively navigate transformative events, whether a company or product launch, acquisition or divestiture, domestic or international expansion, organizational redesign, large transformational initiative or other change trigger. We’re passionate about partnering with your teams to develop and execute strategies that meet you where you are now, and take you to where you’d like to be.


Our values are core to how we approach projects and get results


We love a beautiful presentation (and love to create them!) but believe that endless PowerPoints and "analysis paralysis" can limit decision-making and be detrimental to a project or company. Action-orientation is a critical precursor to value creation. Presentations that sit on the virtual shelf don't move the needle. Action does.


We strive to bring our real selves, our best selves, to the table every day, in all our communications and interactions – respectfully, humbly, and with forethought and diplomacy. We believe lasting value for our clients is created by living our values, and in creating environments where clients feel empowered to do the same.


We believe success is driven by our collective ability to build purposeful relationships grounded in inclusive cooperation. We partner with our clients to co-create solutions, instead of relying on cookie-cutter templates. We also understand that bringing your teams along in the process creates lasting approaches that your team can carry forward well into the future.


Creativity is in our DNA, but isn't relegated to a deft turn-of-phrase or an elegant design. Rather, it's how we approach everything we do, from conceptual ideation, to how we approach tasks, challenge the status quo, design solutions and eliminate obstacles. Combined with experience and passion, creativity births not only new ideas, but ideas that actually work.


Curiosity is the lifeblood of who we are as people and professionals, pushing us to seek out knowledge, ask questions, investigate root causes, uncover connections and patterns, and ultimately challenge what's possible. This inquisitive way of working is key to reducing moments of uncertainty and ambiguity to deliver results that hit the target instead of the tree.