Change & Transformation

Agile Methods Aren’t Just for Developers Any More

Change and transformation are often conflated. While change tends to be a finite initiative that modifies actions, transformation is more often a portfolio of interdependent or intersecting initiatives that represent a fundamental evolution of beliefs to achieve desired results. We can help you not only land changes, but sustain true transformation whether you are instituting a corporate restructuring or organizational redesign, implementing new systems or software, experiencing leadership changes, pivoting to a new strategy, merging teams and products, or any other disruptive event.

We believe in an agile, open-source approach to change management, which means that instead of top-down, bulky change plans that don’t flex with shifting needs, we encourage our clients to consider a more employee-inclusive, iterative approach to assure that change happens with your people, and not to them.

We are PROSCI-certified change managers, but don’t adhere to only one change methodology, choosing rather to work in tandem with our clients to develop a change strategy that will work in their particular circumstance and with their unique teams. Change is personal, and the approach to your transformation should be also.


  • Transformation / Change Management Office setup
  • Organizational redesign strategy / execution
  • Adoption strategies and resistance management
  • Change impact and readiness assessments
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Change management strategies and plans
  • Culture assessment, integration and transformation
  • Leadership coaching and enablement
  • Skills assessment and training development
  • Strategic communications planning and execution
  • Change KPIs and performance management
  • Knowledge management and transfer plans