M&A & Alliances

Be the Hero of Your Next Deal

Inorganic strategies are an essential component of a growth plan for many companies. Our team can help you explore options and structure the best path forward for collaborative partnerships, whether through strategic alliances, joint ventures, or mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

With M&A deals, from small tuck-in to multi-billion-dollar global transactions, getting transactions right can be challenging. And while M&A isn’t rocket science, it requires an experienced team to ask the right questions to identify potential pitfalls and gaps that can easily derail a deal, and minimize the risks associated with complex integrations and separations. We can work with you at any stage of the deal, starting at pre-diligence and value driver identification through to synergy delivery and transition of the business back to the owning team.

Our team specializes in bringing a humanistic approach to M&A deals. Dozens of deals have shown us that the people side of a deal is the most challenging piece to, land and one of the primary keys to unlocking long-term deal value. This includes your key employees, important stakeholders like partners and suppliers, your board and investors, media and influencers, and even departing team members. We can help you think through what this looks like in real terms from compensation strategies to communications delivery, and everything in between.

For less permanent arrangements such as alliances or joint ventures, our team can assist with assessment of potential approaches, identification of suitable partners, exploration of creative and mutually advantageous approaches to the collaboration, and working with you to define the way forward.


M&A (Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures)
  • Inorganic strategy development
  • Target sourcing and identification
  • C-suite visioning workshops and coaching
  • Integration Management Office (IMO) set up
  • Project team leadership and coaching
  • Diligence execution, coaching and support
  • Synergy identification, verification, management and tracking
  • Integration budget development and delivery
  • Target operational / organizational model design
  • Workforce planning and optimization
  • Integration / separation strategies and plans
  • End-to-end integration leadership and execution
  • Change management and communications
  • TSA development, negotiation and oversight
  • Past deal analysis and M&A playbook development
  • Build-buy-partners analysis
  • Strategic partnership strategy and joint venture development
  • Target identification and prioritization
  • Diligence reviews
  • Business case development
  • Partner vetting and negotiation
  • Strategic alliance structure, set-up and management
  • Partnership performance processes and tracking